Welcome to my nerdy little sanctuary :) I started making this site when I was going through a difficult time in my life and wanted a place where I could freely express myself in a non-linear way and share thoughts and photos from my life and travels. Maybe it’s all the LSD I took as a teenager but I’d rather not feel the pressure to time stamp everything. The past, present and future weave in and out of each other like seaweed under salty waves.

I often yearn for simpler times, before cell phones and the Kardashians and chain stores on every street corner – and when the internet was a place for geeks and freaks and freeware… so I decided to make a 90’s-style website. I kind of became pop-culturally fossilized in the mid-90’s when I stopped watching TV, so it seems fitting.

First I went back on to Angelfire, and then I discovered this amazing place called Neocities where a whole atavism of 90’s web-culture is exploding. I’m very slowly learning how to code again and maybe next winter I’ll stow myself away and learn CSS and then do some really cool shit. I’m so inspired by all the awesome websites on here.


The first incarnation of this site was true to it’s roots with really bad coding, misshapen tables, stolen GIFS and lots of spelling mistakes. It eventually evolved into what you see here, where everything is made from scratch. I also gave myself the challenge of making everything with free, open-source software on an old Del laptop I picked up at Free Greek that’s running Ubuntu. And I'm now completely free of all social media, which feels really freakin good.

I know the design of this site is super pagan and you might have been expecting spells and all things witchy to be found on here -- fear not, they are forthcoming! I just feel really compelled to write about activism stuff right now and once I’ve got some big writing projects off of my plate, I'll start posting some occult inspirations. My personal magical practice is a hodge-podge, though I’m connected to the Reclaiming Community and was really excited when I first discovered the group – as it combines ritual practice with activism and is nonhierarchical.


This site is for all the rebels out there who are wild at heart.. who would would rather speak up and be ostracized than feel a sense of belonging with superficial cliques, toxic corporate workplaces or mainstream society as a whole.. for weirdos who walk their own gnarled path to the beat of their own drum.. for those who stick their feet in the mud and look up at the stars.. and for those who worship the old godds of moon, rock, tree and pond. It’s also for those who remember wacky packs, garbage pail kid stickers, pogo balls, seedy arcades, mullets, station wagons, golf ball sized gobstoppers, cheeseburger flavoured potato chips, splatter movies, exploring abandoned houses, and having an extreme lack of parental supervision. At some point I’ll be putting up scans from my old sticker books, vintage vinyl reviews and some 35mm shots from underground black/thrash metal shows in Europe.

This website is also about dreams and visions of a future without starving polar bears, child rape, the global corporate elite, reality TV shows and people peeing on toilet seats. We have so many wise, brilliant, beautiful, inventive, and competent people on the planet who are just waiting for all of the psychopathic, narcissistic, buttheads who run the world to fuck off and go live in caves and learn pranayama for 10 years while sane, grounded people can start repairing all of the damage that’s been done to this fair planet.

I have no idea why we’re here or what life means. We could all just be a petri-dish full of human flies for some extraterrestrial teenager’s science project for all I know. Humans are ridiculous: we filled the oceans with plastic, mowed the forests, kicked out all the animals and burned a hole in the world’s protective coating and now we’re going to try and colonize Mars? Didn’t you watch Total Recall, Elon? Mars sucks.


My life came to a grinding halt last year and I have a restless spirit so it’s hard to sit here on the edge of the world on Vancouver Island and do nothing - though I know it’s the best thing for me and something I’ve needed for a long time: To go inside of myself.. cry out a dump truck full of sorrows.. listen to the birds, listen to the rain, listen to vinyl, read Hart Crane and dance under a silvery moon...


Enjoy trolling through the depths of my scattered brain :)