Prince of Cups


It's a heartache
A soul wreck
Another fucking

I can't circumvent

It's taking me
Yew roots
Worms homes
and Bones

The pain seeps into me
like a black ghost
It tears through my body
like a chainsaw

The soul of a lover
is the soil of the earth
You take and take
And give nothing in return

I want to crawl
into the black mud
And disappear

How do you feel inside?
How is it so easy
for you to hurt others?
How is it so easy
for you to lie,
cheat, manipulate
and destroy?

After the power high
Do you fall into yourself?
Do you ever cry?

Or just fuck the pain
into somebody else?

A little bird to bleed out
For the sacrifice
To the altar of your ego

I want to stick a knife
Into the base of my wrist
And pull it down
Feel hot blood
Pour like a river
Out of my arm

Can I bleed you
out of my cells?
Will you feel it too?
Will you stop in your tracks
Just for a moment?

Your wish
for a global apocalypse
Is just an infantile
seeking of avoidance of
personal responsibility

If the whole things ends
Then you don't ever
have to be accountable
Or heal
Or look inside
Or pick up the pieces

Where's my home
Now that your warmth
has left my body?
And you run from the depth
Back into a whiskey haze

Months pass by
And you offer
No apology
No amends
No consolation

Emotions writhe
under the surface
Like little larvae
Twisting into
crescent moons
Pulsing little embryos
Seeking escape

The only way out of this
Is metamorphosis